Can pilonidal sinus be treated without surgery ?
Other causes of fistulas include tuberculosis, cancer, injury (trauma), Crohn's disease, after Radiation therapy, anal Fissure, and infections (actinomycosis, chlamydial etc). Fistulas may occur singly or in multiples.
What is Homeopathic treatment of Pilonidal sinus ?
Symptoms are usually a purulent discharge and pus coming around opening of asshole anus. It can irritate the outer tissues causing itching and discomfort. Pain occurs when fistulas become blocked and abscesses recur. Gas may also escape from the fistulous tract. A fistula-in-ano is diagnosed when a probe has been passed between the opening on the skin's surface and the interior opening.
What is pilonidal sinus surgery cost ?
The Ksharsutra was first mentioned by the “Father of Surgery” in his text named SUSHRUT – SAMHITA for the treatment of Nadi Vrana(sinus),Bhagandara (fistula- in – ano).How kshar sutra works is common question what is chemical of ksharsutra are commonly questioned but its a chemical seton which mainly help in drainage of pus and chemical cauterization.
What is treatment of pilonidal sinus bleeding ?
Gentle walk and yoga is helpful in good bowel habits which also play key role in treatment of fistula.
How much is pilonidal sinus recovery time ?
Anal sex is not recommended in persons with anal fistula and it should be avoided till complete recovery from fistula.

Diagnosing Pilonidal Disease Treatment in Delhi

Pilonidal infection, similar to a giant pimple, can rupture through the skin by itself or may need to be lanced or removed to let the infected fluid break. Pilonidal disease is categorised into 3 steps:
Acute – Distinguished by a painful, subcutaneous mass infiltrating encompassing a range.
Chronic – Shows with chronic pain and effluent from the injury. Hair may be evident in the section of the virus.
Complex – Hardly the subsequent therapy, the recurrent pilonidal illness can occur. Medicine
Severe processing involves reducing the disease in the building. This is done by paralysing the area with a restricted analgesic and letting the virus drain. Once the fluid is discharged the pain will quickly begin to leave. It usually is not required to operate the plague with antimicrobials. In rare cases, the pilonidal disease can pass and can often be controlled with the outpatient operation.

How soon You Will Improve?

Daily exercise should serve you to retort to normal movements as soon as possible. Before you begin stretching, you should ask a member of the healthcare team.


Pilonidal sinus is a general predicament in young people. It can cause an ulcer or tenacious discharge and is best healed by surgery.

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Delhi

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Delhi and Surgery Services. Pilonidal Sinus recuperates with therapeutic treatment, any prescription whether allopathic, homeopathic may present some brief fulfillment yet don't nullify the scrape. In the greater part of the cases having pilonidal sinus, specialists more often than not endorse medicinal methodology like Z-plasty, etc. Indeed, even after the activity, the dangers of repeats are dependably there. Postoperative agony, hospitalization, and vulnerabilities of a repeat are the determinants which prescribe that task isn't a reasonable strategy for treating pilonidal sinus.

Overall complexity

  • Pain
  • Repulsive scarring
  • Serum clots

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