Factors Affecting the Growth of Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst

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Factors Affecting the Growth of Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst

Best Pilonidal Sinus treatment in Delhi

A Pilonidal sinus (PNS) is defined is a small hole which is occurred in the skin. It may be filled with dirt, pus or fluid which further from abscess or cyst. Though there is no exact reason for this problem, yet it is believed that it is formed due to changing hormones, excessive growth of hair, and sitting continuously for long hours.

Apart from that, many factors lead to the growth of a pilonidal cyst. Hence, to ignore such situations, it is advisable to take pilonidal sinus treatment before time to prevent yourself from future complications.

Some of the major factors behind Pilonidal Cysts or Sinus



There is no specific reason why the pilonidal cyst is more common in men as compared to women. But it has been observed that males are more prone to develop a pilonidal cyst.


Pilonidal Sinus problem affects people aged between 13 and 45. More commonly, this problem observed in late teens to the early 20s. Also, this problem hardly occurred in senior citizens hence you can rightly say that people aged between 45 and 65 are less prone to pilonidal sinus.

Family Background

A pilonidal sinus problem can run in families. It may be happened due to the different factors like hair texture, ethnicity, genetics due to which it can pass from one generation to another.

Changes in Hormones

Basically, men in late teens and early 20s are more prone to get this problem whereas women may also have to suffer from pilonidal sinus at the time of the menstrual cycle because of the changes in hormones.

Body Hair Growth Excessively

People who have excess growth near the buttock area at high risk of having a pilonidal cyst. This can lead to pain and discomfort if left untreated for a long duration. Hence, make sure you are getting laser treatment for pilonidal sinus from a renowned doctor.


Being overweight can also raise the chances of a pilonidal cyst. Obesity creates increased pressure on the coccyx area. Resultant occurrence of pilonidal cyst!

Poor Hygiene Habits

One of the most common reasons for having pilonidal sinus is – not giving attention to personal hygiene. This can lead to the severe pilonidal sinus.

Sitting Continuously For Long Hours

Bus Drivers, truck drivers, Tailors and other occupation workers who sit long hours may have to suffer from pilonidal cyst as they can’t avoid sitting for a long duration.

Where to get safe and effective treatment for Pilonidal Sinus?

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