Ksharsutra Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

crease and looks like a pit, but in some cases, it may have a sinus tract that eventually connects it to the surface of the skin. In the short term, we can say that it’s a kind of infection happen when a Pilonidal cyst block with puss, hair.

People are scared of its treatment because surgical treatments are always scary and painful which is mostly recommended by the doctors. Even a single thought of surgical treatment threaten the patient. But don’t worry,Kharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus give you a direct approach.

Something you must know about Ksharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus

Getting the best treatment for pilonidal sinus is not that easy. There are no. of doctors available, but out of them Dr. AshishBhanot and his team will give you the best pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi. It is normally said that the surgery is the only solution, but Dr. Bhanot proved it wrong by Ksharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus.

Ksharsutra is basically an Ayurvedic surgical therapy. It is very effective and convenient for the patients. It can help you in removing all the infection, hair and all other infected tissues.

It is noticed that sometimes with the removal of the pilonidal sinus with surgery is not successful. There are always chances of recurrence after surgeries. Thus Kshar Sutra therapy is a better treatment option because it is safe, effective and the chances of recurrence are almost nil.

Here are some precautions you need at the time of Kshar Sutra treatment.

  • Keep the affected and surrounding skin area clean.
  • Remove hair from the affected area regularly.
  • Ask your doctor about safe, hair removal products, so that, it will harmless for you.
  • Don’t sit for a long time in one position
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes to reduce skin irritation.

Now, as you know the precautions, so, its time to get the best pilonidal sinus treatment without any surgery from Dr. AshishBhanot and his expert team. Never be late, come and visit us forpilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi.