Never Suffer from Pilonidal Sinus treatment Again

Best doctor for pilonidal sinus
Best Doctor For Pilonidal Sinus
April 16, 2018
Surgery For Pilonidal Sinus in delhi
Surgery For Pilonidal Sinus
November 5, 2018

Never Suffer from Pilonidal Sinus treatment Again

A Pilonidal sinus could be a depression within the skin or little pit that happens at all-time low of the tailbone (coccyx) and might become infected and crammed with pus. Once infected, the technical term is Pilonidal symptom. Pilonidal abscesses appear as if a boil at all-time low of the tailbone, simply on top of the crack of the buttocks. It’s additional common in men than in girls. It’s necessary to stay the realm as clean and dry as potential. Removing hair from the realm is additionally best, best is by shaving or victimization hair removal creams. This could cut back the chance of associate infection. If your pilonidal sinus will become infected, surgery is probably going to be suggested. We provide you Laser Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus at affordable cost.

Pilonidal Cyst Causes-

Although there are several theories on the causes and origins of pilonidal disease, most researchers nowadays believe that pilonidal cysts are acquired(rather than nonheritable, or inborn) which they’re caused by the penetration of loose hairs into the skin through expanded hair follicles into the hypodermic tissues. In response to the ingrown hair, an area inflammatory reaction causes a cystic structure to make round the hair and therefore the alternative skin rubble. Excessive pressure or repetitive trauma to the sacrococcygeal area is thought to incline people to develop the cyst or to irritate Associate in nursing already existing pilonidal cyst.

Pilonidal Cyst Symptoms

  • Pain over the Lower Spine.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • Warmth of the Skin.
  • Localized Swelling over the lower spine.
  • Drainage of pus from an opening in the skin.

Follow-up treatment

The Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus is often followed by a hospital keep of roughly four to 5 days. With innovative medication we tend to check that that sometimes no pain happens once the operation. We tend to use a special polymer drain to ensure a method while not major complications. It prevents purulence and accelerates the healing of the pilonidal sinus. After discharge from the Klinik, the follow-up are often created by your GP. We provide you best treatment for Pilonidal Sinus. In most cases, full healing occurs among some weeks, scar formation happens solely in rare cases.

Benefits of pilonidal sinus surgery

  • Innovative Laser method.
  • Healthy tissue is not damaged.
  • No scar formation.
  • No pain after the Operation.

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