Suffering From Pilonidal Sinus? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It!

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October 1, 2019
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November 5, 2019

Suffering From Pilonidal Sinus? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It!

Hair Removal in Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Delhi

Today, pilonidal sinus has become very common. It is mainly, the inflammation forming a cyst at the cleft of buttocks. It affects both men and women but can be more commonly seen in men. As for every 4 four men suffering from it only 1 woman has it, i.e., 4:1 ration for occurrence in men and women. It usually occurs between 20-30 years of age but can also occur in 40-year-olds.

In most cases the sinus contains hair hence for treatment for cyst hair removal becomes vital. Thus, one should first opt for hair removal in pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi.

Role of hair in the cyst formation

Pilonidal sinus usually occurs in people having thick and coarse hair. The bacteria that cause the infection are either Staphylococcusaureus or other anaerobic bacteria. This anaerobes flourish and cause infection when the sinus is hooded with lots of hair. Initially, no symptoms are observed but as the infection progresses the formation of abscess occurs.

These cysts are mostly formed between the butt cheeks. This is because the anatomy of this area attracts the deposition of sweat, dust and also loose hair. And this deposition, in turn, becomes a cause of pilonidal sinus.

So, if you’re a male, obese and hairy then you are at high risk of suffering from pilonidal sinus. And in case you’re already suffering from it then, you should first get hair removal in pilonidal treatment in Delhi. Once the hair is removed then only the cyst can be clearly observed and then the course of treatment can be decided.

Is there more to pilonidal sinus?

Sometimes, the occurrence of pilonidal sinus can be an underlying condition for some serious conditions. These conditions include TB, syphilis, anal fistula, perirectal abscess, and hidradenitissuppurativa. Hence, consulting a good doctor becomes important in the case of pilonidal sinus.

Various Treatment Options

If an abscess is observed then primarily an incision is made and the cyst is drained. In such a case, the chances of recurrence are almost 60% whereas the surgical removal of the cyst has a recurrence rate of 15%. In this case, specific techniques are used for cyst removal. These techniques include normal surgery, minimally invasive surgeries like laser, or by the phenol method. And Dr Ashish Bhanot has expertise in all the techniques regarding the treatment of pilonidal sinus. He is renowned for is a unique way of pilonidal sinus treatment. If you consult him then you will get the best treatment for pilonidal sinus in Delhi.


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