Who Is More Susceptible To Get Affected By Pilonidal Sinus?

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Who Is More Susceptible To Get Affected By Pilonidal Sinus?

pilonidal sinus treatment

A pilonidal sinus looks like a small depression or pit that appears near the top or tailbone of the buttocks crease. Generally, it does not cause any symptoms but whenever you feel irritation, pain or inflammation, it is advisable to consult with a doctor for getting effective Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

The exact reason for pilonidal sinus is not yet known but it can happen because of changing hormones, sitting for long hours, hair growth, tight clothing, etc. But the question arises who can be the victim of pilonidal sinus? Well, the people who can be affected by this problem are-


Male Are More Prone to Pilonidal Cyst– There is no specific or scientific reason but it is stated that males are more susceptible to get affected rather than women.


Obese People– Those people who are having a body mass index of more than 30 can be affected by this problem. Hence, it is recommended to take Hair Removal in Pilonidal Sinus Treatment at the right time to prevent any complications in the future.


Hair Removal in Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Delhi


Young Generation– You believe it or not but we all are living a sedentary life where we avoid to do any physical activities. Sitting long at offices is common for youngsters. And, this can lead to pilonidal cysts. Males in late teens or early twenties often have to suffer from this dreadful problem.


Pilonidal Sinus Treatment


People having excessive hair on the body– Those people who have coarse or curly body hair can affect by pilonidal cyst. So, if you are observing small depression having hair beneath the skin, then go straight to a doctor and get hair removal in pilonidal sinus treatmentThis will remove the excessive growth of hair from the site.


People Not Maintaining Proper Hygiene– To avoid any kind of disease or pilonidal cyst, it is essential to maintain proper hygiene. People with poor hygiene can become easily a victim of pilonidal sinus.


Where to Consult For Getting Safe & Effective Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus?

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